The Magic Bean Farm focuses on growing herbs - fresh and dried, Custom Tea Blends, Fresh Flowers, Holiday Wreaths, and Specialty Products - like pesto and pickles.  There are plenty of wonderful veggie producers in the area and rather than compete with them, The Magic Bean Farm strives to bring something new to the table.  It is our belief that life is better when your community is full of farmers, your house is full of flowers and your belly is full of locally produced food!


There's nothing quite like a fresh bunch of flowers or fresh herbs from the farm.  The Magic Bean Farm grows flowers and herbs to beautify the farm and to promote a healthy habitat for beneficial pollinators.  We offer bunches of fresh flowers and herbs throughout the season. 



Want to make your event special?  We will work with you to create custom floral crowns, combs, corsages, boutonnieres and arrangements.  Get in touch at least 30 days before your event and we'll plan something memorable. 

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The Magic Bean Farm grows a variety of vegetables and herbs.  What better way to preserve the taste of summer than with our pesto, teas, pickles, relish and chutney?  Each of our Specialty Products are carefully produced in small batches using as many of our own ingredients as possible.  We are happy to ship tea or pickles outside of Vermont, just click on our "Shop" page to place an order.




As a small farm we have limited space, but that doesn't mean we have limited variety!  Every year we offer a few different varieties, from rare seeds to heirlooms.  We grow all your favorites, like tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers as well as varieties that maybe you haven't heard of yet, like kohlrabi or Ronde de Nice Squash.  If you see a vegetable that you would like try but don't know how to prepare, let us know!  We'd be happy to give you suggestions about how to use the veggies we offer. 


Our wreaths are produced using foliage from overgrown Christmas Trees on my Dad's property in East Montpelier.  We try to use a mix of evergreens (pine, spruce, and fir) and we offer four sizes, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches.  Our wreaths come plain or decorated and they can be purchased directly from the farm or, if you're from the Burlington area, at City Market from mid-November to Christmas.